Rorippa aquatica



Difficulty: Easy

Type: Stem

Size: 10 – 60 cm in height

Position and Usage: Foreground placement

Growth rate: Slow

Lighting: 3/5 – 5/5

Water Conditions: 20 – 25°C; pH of 6.0 – 7.5

CO2: Not required

Propagation: Cuttings, leaves

  • Description

    Rorippa aquatica, also known as ‘Water Cabbage’, is an amphibious, rosette-type species native to the central and southern United States. It is a small, slow-growing plant well-suited to either foreground or midground placement. R. aquatica is a naturally rare variety distinguished by alternate, serrated leaves. Specimens will readily shed mature leaves in vegetative propagation; these delicate leaves will go on to produce new growth (fresh leaves and roots) and should be handled with care.

     Although R. aquatica is an otherwise unfussy variety, it does prefer relatively cool water with moderate-to-high lighting and a nutrient-rich substrate. CO2 supplementation and water column fertilization will boost growth to a rate that may necessitate semi-regular trimmings. As with many stem plants, R. aquatica cuttings may be replanted to propagate.

Rorippa aquatica



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