Nano-Cube WiFi

Your reef connected

The Nano-Cube WiFi showcases the future of JBJ Aquariums with connected lighting.

With the JBJ Aquarium app, precisely adjust your aquarium lighting in real time or set-up a recurring schedule.

The included wired controller allows for manual offline adjustment of your lighting.


Advanced Integrated Filtration

The integrated sump houses the advanced filtration system and designated columns for a heater and protein skimmer.

Our enclosed filtration caddy maintains filtration media isolated and makes it easy to replace.

The dual flared directional nozzles allow for customizable water flow that can be paired with the JBJ OceanPulse Wavemaker.


Brilliant LED Canopy

Equipped with brilliant 40 W LED fixtures that will encourage your corals to thrive.

Three color channel LEDs including white, red, and blue for a broad spectrum lighting.

The JBJ Nano-Cube WiFi is the next generation of nano aquariums.



Nano-Cube WiFi With Stand

  • Technical Specifications

    • MT-604

    Nano-Cube WiFi  MT-604

    Dimensions & Weight

    Dimensions: 17.5 × 22 × 22 in (44 × 56 × 56 cm)

    Glass Thickness: 8 mm (Low Iron)

    Capacity: 28 gal

    Weight: 49 lb


    Optional cabinet stand available in black.

    Return Pump

    Model: SP-1000 (2)

    Power Consumption: 16 w at max flow

    Flow Rate: 266 gal/h (2)


    Comes with a 1 year limited warranty (details in box). For support, visit


    Recyclable packaging


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