Elephant Skin Stone has went through thousands and thousands of years of weathering and erosion, giving it a very amazing look.


Elephant Skin Stone it's usually a difficult rock to find avaialble. Now we are lucky enough to have it available. For the sake of assuring the stones, you seek to purchase is safe for vivarium use, I’d highly recommend going with a source that is selling Dolomite specifically marketed for aquarium use. This will guarantee the product bought is authentic and 100% safe for tank mates.


This stone can be used in aquascape but due its properties water changes will have to be done more frequently as it alterns Ph levels.


Hardness: 3.5 – 4

PH Impact: Alkaline (Raises PH)

Elemental Type: Sedimentary Rock (Magnesium, Calcite)


Price per pound its 5.50 Canadian dollars excluting shipping. Contact us by E-mail, our quick chat here in our page or add our number on whatssap.


Elephant Skin Stone 5lbs pack

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