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Natural aquariums and aquatic gardens are impressive and remarkable works of art, they are both aesthetically pleasing and fun to create. Whether in Japanese style, Asian jungle system or Amazon tributary, we can mimic natural ecosystems that are unique and easy to maintain when we have the right tools and knowledge to produce these masterpieces. Sirius Aquatics Aquascaping Resource Network promotes natural ecosystem appreciation and conservation through naturalistic modern aquariums and the art of aquascaping.

Sirius Aquatics offer an extensive collection of online resources and products.

Sirius Aquatics

''It's time to understand Nature.''

Offering naturalistic modern aquariums.

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''Earth was created for all of us not for some of us.''

Anthony Douglas Williams

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It's time to understand Nature

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Sea Turtle
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Journey through aquatic environments to a world of enchanting creatures of all shapes and sizes. We have a wide selection of stunning fresh water natural ecosystems, fish and other sea life creatures waiting to be explored. We want you to have an enjoyable and educational experience at Sirius Aquatics and our products are so fascinating, we know you’ll want to learn more about them!

It's time to understand Nature.

Sirius Aquatics

Sirius Aquatics offers an extensive collection high quality resources and products for aquarium keepers, whole sale lists of products for professional aquariums, aquascapers, pet stores, fish hobbyist, those that seek to start an aquarium project weather is at home for the family, office, schools, reception lobbies, meeting rooms, aquascape galleries or design for large-scale commercial aquariums.

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